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Here at Industrial & Commercial Refrigeration we offer the re-manufacture or supply of new refrigeration and air-conditioning compressors, we also refurbish all kinds of catering equipment from Fridges & Freezers to Meat and Dairy displays and Fish counters or Serve Overs (integral &  remote condenser) and salad / pizza  preparation stations.

My Name is Dean Kenna, I have been in the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry for 25 years, mainly in the compressor re-manufacturing & motor rewind industry, for a global heating, air conditioning and ventilation company.

David Kenna, my brother has also been in the compressor industry for a number of years, but spent a lot of his time in service working all over the country on all aspects of refrigeration equipment, he and I have have now joined forces in this business partnership so we can now offer a turn key solution for all your refrigeration or air-conditioning requirements.

We also have our own in house electric motor rewind and test capability, this not just dedicated to our compressors, we also overhaul and rewind all kinds of electric motors, overhauls include bearing change & seal replacement on all types fans and pumps.

We are fully F-Gas qualified and Compliant.

Please search our website or give us a call, we can save you money.


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